Work with me

I am always happy to work with clients or collaborate with fellow translators on projects like:

  • Subtitling, captioning and script translation for videos and audios
  • Translation for publication (brochures, contracts, manuals, public notices, reports etc)
  • Translation for communications (letter, notes, survey results, customer feedback etc)
  • Certify translated documents (complimentary service for single page documents, e.g. product label, driving license, academic testamur)

1. Subtitling and captioning videos, translating script and voice-over for audios

Adding translated subtitles to a video is quite straight forward nowadays, thanks to the many freely available subtitle editors such as Amara

If your video is currently hosted online somewhere (YourTube or Vimeo or the likes), just send me the URLs and I will work on it online. You will receive the translated subtitles synced to timelines in common formats including .DFXP, .SBV, .SRT, .SSA, .TXT, and .VTT, so you can supersede them onto your video. See examples here.

If your video is not hosted anywhere, let me know how I can access it.

To translate or translate-transcribe audios, I can work on a transcript document, if you have one. If not, simply forward me the audio. In both cases, I must have access to the original audio.

2. Translating for publication

Most translations I do are for publications. I do projects of all sizes and complexity, be it a contract, user manual, surveys, academic or business reports, legal documents, or any business and service content for print or web publication.

If you already have a publication layout for the original language, let me see it, too. It will be a valuable reference for getting the translation right in the zone of your needs.

3. Translating for communications

Some translations I get asked to do are for purpose of communication. I would help translate letters, notes, customer feedback, spoken or written evidence etc, so the person requesting the translation knows what something says. Translating for communication requires less work on layout editing but presents its own difficulty. The “speaker” of these texts is not always unknown to the person requesting the translation, who therefore unable to provide much contextual information of the ‘speech’.

4. Certifying translation

I am often asked to review an English/Chinese document that has been translated into Chinese/English and see if I could endorse the translation.

Here are two ways I can help.

One, if it is a single page document, such as a driving license, graduation testamur, birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce certificate, a product label, packing label, and the like, I am happy to have a good look of the document for you. If the English and the Chinese on the document are of truthful and accurate representation of each other, I am happy to certify that the English and the Chinese of the document are of truthful and accurate representation of each other.

This will be done as complimentary service.

Two, if it is a lengthy document, I am still happy to have a look at it and discuss with you how I can help. Contact me any time.

(Updated: 11 January 2016)