Cambridge (drone view)

I am doing a summer programme at University of Cambridge this year😜😜😜!

Super Excited 😍😍😍!

This drone view footage of the campus really got my mind flown over there far too early.

The Programme is four months a way!

The Timeless Federer

Federer flew south and landed in Oz. Summer must be here.

Must also the summer of tennis.

What a high note to start a new year. (And what a reprieve after 12 months of gruesome US politics. What got into my head when I decided to follow that farcical prez election??)

I have long passed watching Federer for tennis. I now watch him living tennis. His genuine love for the game and what he does to stay in the game has replaced the grand slam cup lifting to be the thing to watch, to read about, and to observe. His constant exploration of techniques and technology to further another ounce of advantage is fascinating. He re-designs rackets. Try new shot making. Advance leg work efficiency. Train to sustain fitness . All for the sake of breaking human limitation. His inclination to test athletic and physical boundaries is a gift to the sport. Think about the wealth of knowledge left to us by those brave new frontiers years and years ago.

It’s time for the press to stopping grilling about him about retirement, really. The man is enjoying the love of his life. Sad that he is not winning grand slam? That’s his fans’ problem, not his! If you see him as a man going about with a job that involves hitting tennis balls, you’d see a man pretty well organized and content at his post. Then have a look at his world-class support team and a fabulous travel-happy family, you’d say he should be the last man for the press to ask quit his job.

“The sun never sets” for Federer. “He likes doing this; that’s the point”. How right.

I’ve un-buckled my seatbelt on the Federer train. I’ll go wherever it travels, win or lose. I don’t expect dizzying heights. Just plenty of intrigues.

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“Hillary Clinton makes a trail stop ‘Between Two Ferns'”

This is a news headline about Hillary Clinton’s appearance in “Between Two Ferns”, a comedy talk show hosted by Zach Galifianakis. One of my favorite headlines of the US presidential election of the year (2016).

I have never watched Galifianakis’ show until the Hillary episode came along. I instantly liked it. Galifianakis’ questions were hilariously off beat, yet sharply pointed. The total innocent look on his face when delivering the most brutal jabs aimed at Donald Trump was very very funny (No, this is not a partisan show. But so much of HC’s campaign is defined by his craziness that no HC-talk could bypass Trump the elephant).

Then I really liked the Hillary in the episode. I have always been skeptical about the notion that Hillary is a cold and distant figure. No doubt she is a highly focused person and apparently spends lots of time thinking and breathing public policies. But I just do not think one can survive decades of sustained personal attacks in the full glare of public view like she has been subjected to if one is not in procession of a healthy degree of self-deprecation, a good sense of humor, and an ability to take oneself lightly. And this fun side of Hillary is shown delightfully in this talk.

Watch show below. Really hard to say which bit cracks me up the most 🙂 🙂 . But if I must pick one, it’s Galifianakis’ “What happens if you become pregnant? Are we going to be stuck with Tim Kaine for 9 months? How does this work?”. Another favourite: “Not to take away from that historic significance of you perhaps becoming the first female president, but for a younger, younger generation, you will also become their first white president. And that’s pretty neat, too.”

5 reasons you should manage your own website

I am talking about websites for your professional profile, portfolio showcase, specialized blog, service business online presence and the likes.

And I assume that you, as an website owner, have no web-tech background like myself.

By managing your own website, I mean you do things from registering a domain name, backing up regularly, customizing your pages, to revamping the site structure to make it look exactly how you like it. By managing these yourself, you modify the site’s look and structure the same pace as it mature with the expansion of the information you put in.

The biggest upshot of managing your own website is that you build it gradually. You do not have to get everything right from the start, as you would have to if you pay some one to build it for you. Getting everything right from the start is difficult. Your vision of a professional website changes a lot at the early stage. What is in your head looks very different once put on a screen. Meanwhile, it rarely happens that you could talk with some tech guy over a few sessions and they will be able to put together a site that is exactly what you want or suit your every needs for the next two years.
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How to backup website yourself

I learn this from Kimi. Her explainer video is embedded at the end of this post. Kimi explained in her video why she prefers DIY backing up. Here are the steps I follow every time I back up my website.

This procedure assumes that you:

  1. have administrative access to the control panel for your public files stored at your website host.
  2. are familiar with the control panel used by your web host, most likely being the C-panel.
  3. know how to navigate around computer drives, folders, files, file format etc.

Basically, you need to back up two groups of files: the database of your site content and the templates used for presenting the content.

1. Find out the name of your database

a. Log onto your web hosting service with administrator credential and head to the C-panel. Which, in my case, looks as follow: More/继续 How to backup website yourself

Useful Online Dictionaries

It has been over a decade since I last used a printed dictionary. These days, partly due to the rapid speed of new words being created and words coming in and out of fashion, online dictionaries are much preferable if you are looking up new words or be sure of their current use.

Here is a list of dictionaries and glossaries that I found most helpful. Each is good for specific use.

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CES Depression Scale

A translation for the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale Revised (CESD-R), a screening test for depression and depressive disorder, available at its own website.

The Scale has 20 statements, all written in past tense.

Chinese language does not have tenses. It uses time adverbs. Chinese time adverbs are specific to how things happen at the time. Because of this, some CESD-R statements cannot be translated without being added an unstated assumption on how things happened. This is not all bad all the time. For sensitive texts such as a psychology assessment, specific care can be taken on a case by case basis.

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The Robson Self Concept Questionnaire

I translated the Robson Self Concept Questionnaire (Robson SCQ), a self-report scale available at The Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre.

The whole text is quite straight forward except one phrase ‘down in the dumps’. I could translate it at a conceptual level, as stipulated by the industry standard, since there is no equivalent Chinese. However, for this assessment tool, merely ‘conceptual’ translation is not good enough.
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Using Amara —- an Online Subtitle Editor

Amara, formerly known as Universal Subtitles, is easy to use. It is web-based so you do not need to have it installed locally. It is free. You can use it to put together subtitles for any video hosted online anywhere.

All it takes is to open an Amara account, paste in the URL of a video you want subtitled, and you are right to go. The subtitled video can be viewed in your Amara account or be embedded in a webpage, such as this one, or the one below. The subtitle is downloadable in six common subtitle formats.

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