Federer flew south and landed in Oz. Summer must be here.

Must also the summer of tennis.

What a high note to start a new year. (And what a reprieve after 12 months of gruesome US politics. What got into my head when I decided to follow that farcical prez election??)

I have long passed watching Federer for tennis. I now watch him living tennis. His genuine love for the game and what he does to stay in the game has replaced the grand slam cup lifting to be the thing to watch, to read about, and to observe. His constant exploration of techniques and technology to further another ounce of advantage is fascinating. He re-designs rackets. Try new shot making. Advance leg work efficiency. Train to sustain fitness . All for the sake of breaking human limitation. His inclination to test athletic and physical boundaries is a gift to the sport. Think about the wealth of knowledge left to us by those brave new frontiers years and years ago.

It’s time for the press to stopping grilling about him about retirement, really. The man is enjoying the love of his life. Sad that he is not winning grand slam? That’s his fans’ problem, not his! If you see him as a man going about with a job that involves hitting tennis balls, you’d see a man pretty well organized and content at his post. Then have a look at his world-class support team and a fabulous travel-happy family, you’d say he should be the last man for the press to ask quit his job.

“The sun never sets” for Federer. “He likes doing this; that’s the point”. How right.

I’ve un-buckled my seatbelt on the Federer train. I’ll go wherever it travels, win or lose. I don’t expect dizzying heights. Just plenty of intrigues.

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