About me


I am a NAATI-accredited Chinese-English translator and interpreter since 1997, based in Australia. I speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I specialize in healthcare, public policy, legal matters, business and commerce, education, information technology, social media and web content localization.

I love translation because of its unique role in connecting people. Never has it been a more exciting time to be a translator than a fast and live electronic communication age that is today. Around the world, people are constantly exchanging ideas and information across boundaries. Social and commercial activities transmitted over the World Wide Web intensify the needs for translation-mediated communication in almost real time. Effective translators are in the action centre of global communication 24/7.

My translation is informed by post-graduate study in related fields. I received my Master of Public Policy and Management from Monash University a year ago. I gained NAATI level 3 certification upon completing Grad.Dip in Translation & Interpreting at Deakin University (1997). Since then, following long-held personal interests, I studied and completed PGrad.Dip in Computer Education at University of Melbourne (2002), Grad.Dip in Psychology at Monash University (2004), and Dip. of Professional Counselling at Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (2005).

I also freelance as an on-site and telephone interpreter. Quite often I am called to help with immigration interviews, court appearance, police taking a statement, medical consultation, general inquiries made to local councils, utility retailers and other public services.

I am an active member in my local community. I am also a regular contributor to the TED Open Translation Project.

(Updated: 11 January 2016)
(Photo: Doris Nilsen)