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Telephone interpreting is time-pressed, demands 100% concentration, and is quite often unpredictable when it comes to where the conversation will go from one minute to the next. This presents to the interpreter many difficulties, two of which can be ameliorated with glossary cue sheets.

The first difficulty is that you will always chance on words or terms that you cannot come up with an equivalent of the other language at the moment you need. This happens to the many specialized terms that are not used in your everyday life and hence are not readily accessible in your memory.

The second difficulty is your brain “taking a break” after 30 minutes of intense concentration. Likewise, this leads to inaccessibility of words when you need. You just go blank when trying to think of a word.

So I use cue sheets. These are bilingual glossaries of likely encountered words that may be difficult to recall at stressful times such as a telephone translation conference. The glossaries cover a range of common topics for phone interpreting in Australia. They have been compiled over the years of my work. I am now taking my time to share them online.



另外,对翻译准备非常有益的是观看有关话题的视频。例如,电话翻译经常碰到病人要求医生解释将要进行的手术会是怎样的一个过程,你如果对这个过程有点认识的话,对解释的工作就很有帮助了。 从哪里能得到这些基本认识呢? 从专业教学视频。这里资料在英文网络上非常丰富。很多英国美国的医院、私立专科诊所、医科学习课件开发公司都在自己的官网上出版常见医疗手术的视频。有动画讲解的,也有现场实录的。即使不是为了翻译工作,也不失为用来打开眼界的好材料。



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